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Projects & Activities

CASD Educational Project

Vocational Skill Training

Hospital Visitation


The Annual General Meeting held during the festive period of December is always the occasion used for matters which must be dealt with by all members of the association.

Hospital Visitations

Hospital visitation has grown from the small activity of going to see few patients at the famous St Mary’s Joint Hospital Amaigbo to a more structured project. The visits have also involved the several Health Centres across Amaigbo.

Over the years, the association has provided drugs, laboratory facilities, wheelchairs, cleaning materials, beverages, medicines, beddings, as well as paid hospital bills every year.




CASD Education Project

The education committee is charged with ensuring that the primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary schools in Amaigbo are attended to properly for the good of our young indigenes.

The committee has initiated several activities including, but not limited to, distribution of exercise books, textbooks, school bags, teachers placement, organisation of extra-mural classes, renovations/repairs, payment of school fees etc. Notable among our sponsors are the families of Chief, Nze, Ogbuehi Ignatius Anyiam, Chief Sir TheophilusMbakwe, Chief, Sir, Hon SMC Ihekweazu and Chief Sir Capt H.O.G. Ohaya

CASD Football Competition

Football is considered as the king of sports, especially for the youths in Amaigbo and her environs.  

The annual football competition initiated for the various Wards/villages has become a major event during the festive period of December. Apart from its entertaining benefits, the football competition has become a unifying activity for the Wards and villages of Amaigbo.

We sincerely appreciate our major sponsors, Mr Humble Louis Ibewuike and High Chief Edward Emeanuo.


CASD Peace walk

Just as the name implies, every December the association organises a Walk for members and non-members round the town with awareness/sensitisation messages.

Some of the messages are campaigns against kidnapping, killings, crimes, drug and substance abuses, rape, sexual exploitation, abductions, disunity and other anti-social activities.

The Peace Walk is always a moment of socialisation, dance, drama, comedy, exercise and fun, culminating at royal hosting by HRH Eze Nelson Nwosu, Igbo of Amaigbo.

CASD Vocational Skill Training

The provision of vocational skills has remained pivotal for any society that wants to curb rate of youth unemployment and joblessness.

CASD initiated this project as a contribution to the welfare and employability of the teeming young people in Amaigbo and even within the environs. Some of the skills offered include, but not limited to, bead making, soap making (liquid and bar), small chops, insecticide, germicide, shoe making, air fresheners, electronic repairs and so on.

With time, it is the intention of the association to enlarge the number of skills to include tailoring, electrical installations, welding, barbing, hairdressing, bread making, catering, computer information technology etc

CASD Online Empowerments

In the beginning, members mainly youths were empowered with electronic gadgets to assist them in their academic programs. As recent time and considering the large number of our online members, different online contests are being regularly organized with sole aim of empowering our members with financial gifts

These contests are randomly sponsored by both national and diaspora members. Testimonies abound that this program is the rallying point for all sons and daughters of Amaigbo around the globe.


The Annual General Meeting held during the festive period of December is always the occasion used for matters which must be dealt with by all members of the association, such as approvals for programmes/projects, elections and re-elections, financials and evaluating the activities of the previous year.

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