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Who We Are

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Our association is a collective of amazing people striving to build and unite all indigenes of Amaigbo!

Concerned Amaigbo Sons and Daughters (otherwise known as CASD) is an association of indigenes of the ancient town of Amaigbo in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State.

As the name implies, the association is open to all sons and daughters of Amaigbo.

Being the brainchild of Dr Johnbosco Nkpadobi, CASD actually came into existence on 18th October 2010 as an online association to unite young people of Amaigbo as well as give them a sense of responsibility towards their ancient homeland.

The association was tremendously embraced and churned out exciting programmes on weekly, monthly and annual basis.

The activities of the association became so ideal and appealing that the adult community (older persons) complained of exclusion and signalled interest to be part of the group.

This gave rise to opening the association to all indigenes of Amaigbo irrespective of age or status.

In course of our convocation which started as a whisper, we have seen the depth of love, the height of greatness, and the indomitable spirit of sons and daughters of Amaigbo.

The Admin duo of Mr Stephen Igbokwe and Dr Chinedum Titus Nwosu have been meticulous in approving members of this association.

As years passed and in the course of our growth, there arose the need to identify members based on their various locations and places of residence.

It was at this point that the founders initiated the physical group into branches.

From this point, activities that were hitherto online, were implemented physically.

We kept growing in leaps and bounds and stamped a global presence.

With the guidance of our legal consultants, CASD was officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on June 24 2021 (RN 160666).

Apart from the registration of CASD at the CAC, the association was also duly registered as a bona fide group under the Amaigbo Town Union (ATU) and is represented at all ATU Annual General Meetings.

Currently, there are over 6000 members of the association both online and physical members with branches in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Onitsha, Aba, Owerri, Amaigbo (Home), CASD Family (for members from other areas of Nigeria), CASD National and International/Diaspora.

In addition to these branches, there are committees that are primarily mandated to implement the activities of the association.

Some of these committees are AGM, Education, Peace Walk, Hospital/Health, Sports and Vocational Skills etc.

Our Team

Johnbosco Ikenna Nkpadobi PhD
CASD Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees

Mr Stephen Igbokwe
CASD Admin & National Vice Chairman

Dr. Chinedum Titus Nwosu
CASD Administrator & Legal Advisor

Miss Chioma Osuala
Member Board of Trustees & CASD Port Harcourt Branch Coordinator

Chikezie C. Obiefule Esq
Member, Board of Trustees & Legal Advisor

Sir Jonathan Fyne Madumere
President General, Amaigbo Town Union

Chims Obasi
Diaspora Coordinator

Ohakwe Amarachi Loyce
Member, Board of Trustees

Our Motto

Maka Odinma Amaigbo

Years In Existence
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Projects and Activities
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Amaigbo Royalty

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

Aims & Objectives

  • The Incorporated Trustees of Concerned Amaigbo Sons and Daughters (“CASD”) is established for social, cultural, educational, literary, development, sporting, and charitable purposes pursuant to  the Companies And Allied Matters Act, CAMA
  • To coordinate developmental efforts of Government, philanthropist and that of any donor agency and serve as a watchdog against waste of community common heritage.
  • To organize sporting and recreational activities and events to entertain and train our people which will strengthen the community unity and bond
  • To mobilize and sensitize our people on Government policies, civic responsibilities and best approach to issues other than violence.
  • To organize fund raising events to raise fund for actualization of its objectives.
  • To award scholarships, grant’s, or other payments in furtherance of  the objectives of the Association.
  • To promote, encourage, assist and cooperate with other groups, bodies, or associations that may share similar or related objectives.
  • To buy, lease, acquire and/or hold property, whether real or personal, for and on behalf of the Association, or that be used for the  attainment of its objectives.


  • To foster Peace and Unity amongst members.
  • To promote peaceful coexistence amongst all the villages in Amaigbo  Communit
  • To embark on developmental projects within Amaigbo.
  • To interface with opinion leaders of Amaigbo Community as well as  other Organizations, with the aim of maintaining peace, unity,  brotherhood and development in Amaigbo.
  • To serve as an Avenue and means of social reorganization and reorientation of our people.
  • To enlist and/or secure the services of experts, consultants, professionals, coordinators, administrators, and other personnel free or on such other agreed terms, for the promotion or attainment of  the objectives of the Association.
  • To do all or any of the objectives herein before mentioned, and carry out any other similar objectives such as may enable the Association carry out the objectives listed above.
  • To do all such things as may be incidental, ancillary, or conducive, to the attainment of the objectives of the Association.
  • It is the broader plan of CASD to extend her humanitarian activities to indigent families wherever they are identified in Nigeria.


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